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Big Band Database Miller, Ellington, Basie, it's all here. If you love Big Band music, this is a great site Web
Billie Holiday One of the greatest jazz vocalists ever! Web
Billie Holiday Anothere fantastic site dedicated to this great singer Web
Bosnian Show Serving the Bosnian community, this site has a wealth of valuable information Web
Broadway Database There is so much information here to make any Broadway lover happy Web
CHUO-FM I have been associated with this station for many years. One of the top community radio stations in Canada Web
Clarke Donald Music Box A great labor of love dedicated to popular music Web
Classic Movie Musicals An informative tribute to The glory years of the movie musical Web
Downbeat Magazine The bible of the jazz world for many years Web
Drummerworld If you are a drummer or love drumming, there is no better place to visit Web
Great Day In Harlem A classic photo session for the ages Web
In A Mellow Tone One of the greatest jazz radio shows for many years hosted by Ron Sweetman Web
Jazz Another great resource for jazz information Web
Jazzateria Another jazz resource center Web
Jazzitude In case you want something different, check this site out Web
Jazz Connection Another great jazz resource Web
Jazz Corner A cool place to hang out Web
Jazz Discography Another site full of information Web
Jazz Discography A wealth of information regarding Jazz discographies Web
Jazz Lives A great site featuring Jazz lives analysis Web
Jazz Standards It all started with the standards. They are all here Web
Jazz Review There is so much information and news about everything jazz related Web
Montreal Jazz One of the top jazz and music festivals in the world Web
Nicole Jo A smokin'hot sax player from Europe with creativity to burn Web
Red Hot Jazz The roots of jazz are explored on this excellent site Web
Roberto Magris Home of this talented italian jazz pianist Web
Sidney Bechet A classic musician with a one of a kind style Web
Solid Big Band database Another Big Band repository Web
Songwriters Hall Of Fame Without the songwriter there are no songs. Here are some of the great songwriters of all time Web
Swing Swing into some of the greatest music ever made Web
Touche Music A Swedish jazz label showcasing Swedish jazz Web