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Welcome to everything music. What you will find is an ongoing repository of my radio show including Interviews, Playlists, Archival material and various odds and ends.

Glory Years
For a few years after graduating from Concordia I had no involvement in radio. Then, in 1988, after recently moving to Ottawa, I became host of a Jazz radio show that would soon become known as In Transition. I also had an opportunity to work with Gordon Bennett. Gordon was part of The Capital City Jazz Band for over thirty years. He had a deep appreciation for traditional jazz and the musicians that made it all possible.

After his passing in 2004, I decided to extract the best moments from his radio show (At The Jazz Band Ball) which are featured on this site. You can also hear some of my radio shows as well. Over the years I would feature interviews I had done along with a plethora of new and established jazz musicians. To this day the journey continues. It's hard to believe how fast time flies. Twenty years of radio in Ottawa this year (2008). One of the greatest and most important gigs in my life. No regrets.