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Welcome to everything music. What you will find is an ongoing repository of my radio show including Interviews, Playlists, Archival material and various odds and ends.

When I graduated from high school in 1974, I decided to attend Marionopolis College. Little did I know that my fascination for radio would take a quantum leap. It was here that I started working at the newly formed radio station, CMCR, Radio Marionopolis. Working here doing a weekly radio show that was broadcast locally to the students gave me an opportunity to discover new music.

Bands like Gentle Giant, Genesis, early German experimental music from the likes of Klaus Shultz, Tangerine Dream, Nektar along with many other up and coming groups formed my inner circle of musical exploration. After graduating from Marionopolis, I attended Concordia University. CRSG-FM was their radio station. In 1976 I was given a weekly rock radio show. This gig lasted all of four years. All of my studying took place in the radio station. It was in a sense my second home...