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Welcome to everything music. What you will find is an ongoing repository of my radio show including Interviews, Playlists, Archival material and various odds and ends.

The Discovery
One Christmas when I was very young, I remember getting a couple of albums from the Beatles. Help! along with Twist And Shout. After carefully examining the album covers (yes, we did have real album covers back then), I carefully placed one of the albums on my Fleetwood portable record player. There it was again. The magic of music coming through what I would later learn were speakers.

I used to think that when I heard music on the radio that the artist was actually performing in the studio. Another early belief was that musicians could do no wrong. They ruled the world so to speak. They were "IT". The ultimate in artistic freedom. When you are a young boy in the process of discovering music through a little box tucked under a pillow, well, there is nothing to describe the feeling of how these sounds mysteriously crept from this magical little box to my ears each and every night. Little portable radios were all the rage back then. A distant relative to the iPod for sure...