The In Transition Archives 



Here are some snippets from my radio shows over the years.

Some snippets contain more than one selection.

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Salvador Henri - Don't Blame Me
Salvatore Sergio - Au Privave
Salvatore Sergio - Au Privave
Schwartz Harvie - Inner Voice
Schwartz Harvie - Sweet Walk
Scofield John - Door Number Three
Scott Jimmy - Angel Eyes
Scott Ronnie - I'm Glad There Is You
Sessions Tim - Muse
Sharpe Avery - Blues On The Corner
Sharpe Avery - Grit Head
Sharpe Avery - Lost In A Dream
Sharpe Avery - Past Present Tense
Sharpe Avery - Yesterdays
Shaw Marlena - Your Mind Is On Vacation
Shepp Archie - Going Home
Sherran Phil - October Sigh
Shew Bobby - But Not For Me
Shimazu Kenichi - Take The Coltrane
Shirley Betty - A Good Man Is Hard To Find
Shorter Wayne - Maya
Silver Horace - Song For My Father
Silver Horace - Song For My Father
Simone Nina - Little Girl Blue
Simone Nina - Mississsippi Godam
Simopoulos Nana - Jamming With The Animals
Sims Pete Laroca - Suzanne's Waltz
Sims Zoot - I Wonder Where Our Love Has Gone
Smalls Cliff - God Bless The Child
Smith Jimmy - Ain't She Sweet
Smith Jimmy - I Found A New Baby
Smith Jimmy - Lady Be Good
Smith Stuff - Bugle Call Blues
Smith Stuff - Desert Sands
Smith Stuff - Perdido
Smith Tab - Love Is A Wonderful Thing
Smoker Paul - Hello Young Lovers
Snyder Bob - Harlem Nocturne
Snyder Bob - My Melancholy Baby
Snyder Bob - Without You
Socci Charles - Jumpin' The Blues You
Socci Charles - Little Love
Solal Martial - The End Of A Love Affair
Spirit Of Life Ensemble - Misty
Spirit Of Life Ensemble - Ornithology
Spyro Gyra - Planet J
Stamm Marvin - May Moon
Staton Dakota - Girl Talk
Steig Jeremy - Something Else
Steig Jeremy - Slow Blueing
Stern Mike - What Might Have Been
Stewart Bill - Seven Point Five
Stitt Sonny - Steam Line Stanley
St. Marseilles Dan - Polka Dots And Moonbeams
Stone Fred - Mayara
String Trio Of New York - Forever February
String Trio Of New York - One For Robin
Studer Freddy - Hagime
Sullivan Jim - Peace And Quiet
Sutton Ralph - One Morning In May
Sutton Ralph - Russian Lullaby
Swedish Society - Lisa