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Posted by Randy McElligott on Wednesday, October 5, 2011 Under: Jazz Reviews

This latest release from the Sultans of String features many satisfying surprises.

Andalucia is a rhythmic festival with full bodied strings dancing over a bed of intriguing delight.

Another standout is the Neil Young classic Heart Of Gold. The strings convey a sense of longing before Wlther and Carabine sooth us with smooth delivery and a sense of poignancy. This track is a fine example of how in the right hands a classic can be turned into something special.

One of the most interesting cities in the world is captured on Montreal. A slow, measured beginning gives way to a lilting steady tempo with some lyrical violin and dainty strings adding a certain color to the piece which for me conveys the wide appeal of a great city.

Nascimento is a tribute to the great Brazilian vocalist Milton Nascimento. To listen to Milton's voice and spirit is to experience a rare visit to the soul of this extraordinary musician. We listen to the strings weaving in and out of a cultured melody that seems to never end and captures the listener in a world of self discovery and mystic.

One of the most interesting bands to come out of Canada, Sultans of String continues to satisfy with a refreshing blend of various string instruments, vocals, trumpet and flute.
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