Marie Jameau is a vocalist of Italian and English origins with a sultry yet delicate voice that captures the moods of a song beautifully. This release features a mix of classics from the Brazilian repertoire as well as other musical gems.
Jameau’s talent for capturing the melody and inflecting her own unique delivery of this time honored classic Girl From Ipanema is showcased throughout. Beautiful comping in the background from her talented group of musicians.
Another classic, Triste is wistfully performed with a mid-tempo beat and some beautiful flute inflections from Bob Afifi.
When I was much younger, one of my favorite songs was Mas Que Nada. It seems that this particular song never gets tired, and with Jameau’s infectious sense of fun throughout, this version ends up being one of the highlights of this recording.
Listening to Gracias A La Vida, we hear Jameau singing duet with members of her group. We are also treated once again to the fine flute playing of Bob Afifi. This piece screams for repeted listening. The melody is beautiful and the musicianship first rate.
If you love the inviting sounds of Brazilian music, you can’t go wrong with Gema. There is so much to love from Jameau’s voice to the group of musicians chosen for this outing.