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The In Transition Snippets


Bailey Mildred - Rocking Chair

Baker Chet - I Love You

Baker Chet - Headline

Baker Chet - Tenderly

Ballantyne John - Search

Balm Jamie - Seven Sides To The Story

Banks Nancy - Fast Living Blues

Banks Nancy - Moontrane

Banks Tommy - Just Friends

Barber Patricia - Duo Company

Barbieri Gato - Mystica

Baron Joey - Mighty Fine

Baron Kenny - Anywhere

Baron Kenny - I'm OK

Baron Kenny - Voyage

Barrett Dan - Jubilesta

Barsimian Artie - That's All

Basie Count - Jingle Bells

Basie Count - Jingle Bells

Basie Count - Sophisticated Swing

Basso and Turner - In Walked Bud

Battle Kathleen - Hush

Beal Jeff - Prayer Of St. Francis

Beal Jeff - Waltz For Mary

Bebop and Beyond - Brilliant Corners

Bebop and Beyond - Con Alma

Bebop and Beyond - Criss Cross

Bebop and Beyond - Wheatleigh Hall

Bechet Sidney - Sunnyside Of The Street

Beck Joe - Summertime

Beck Joe - The Answer

Beeblebrox - Chatterbox

Beeblebrox - Sherri's Song

Beeblebrox - Wayne's World

Bejing Trio - Fallen Petals

Bejing Trio - Moon Over The Great Wall

Bellson Louie - Summer Love

Bellson Louie - Conversation

Bellson Louie - Satin Doll

Beluse Pierre - Compulsion

Bendekeit Dave - Nogee's Tune

Bennett Antonia - Yesterdays

Bennett Gordon - In Conversation

Bennett Tony - Crazy She Calls Me

Bennett Tony - Daydream

Bennett Tony - God Bless The Child

Bennett Tony - I Left My Heart In San Francisco

Bennett Tony - Maybe September

Bennett Tony - It Don't Mean A Thing

Bennett Tony - September Song

Bennett Tony and Herb Ellis - It Had To Be You

Benoit Dave - A Personal Story

Benoit-Freeman Project - Smarty Pants

Benson Michelle - Skylark

Berman-Ubata Group - Incognito

Berman-Ubata Group - Sum

Bernard Bob - Blue Christmas

Bernhardt Warren - Be Loose Blues

Bertoncini Gene - Japanese Maple

Bickert Ed - Come Rain Or Come Shine

Biddle Charlie - Straight No Chaser

Bierach Richie - Redemption

Billberg Rolf - Curly Kurt

Bishop Walter - Midnight Blue

Bjorkston Hake - Go Home Swenson

Black Ben - Every Day I Have The Blues

Black Ben - Get Happy

Blackman Cindy - A Banana For Ron

Blake Eubie - St. Louis Blues

Blakey Art - Uranus

Blakey Art - Blues Pour Marcel

Blanchard Terrence - Focus

Bley Paul - Lovers

Bley Paul - And Now The Queen

Bley Paul - Balad

Bley Paul - Butterflies

Bley Paul - I Loves You Porgy

Bley Paul - Kid Dynamite

Bley Paul - Solo

Blomquist Rolf - My Old Cat Felix

Blomquist Rolf - My Old Cat Felix

Bloom Jane Ira - Emergency

Blythe Arthur - Dance Bonita Dance

Bolger Richard - For Bish Bishops Corner

Bon - Indian Sunset

Bon - Into The Sun

Bon - Lunar Lunacy

Bon - So Far Away

Bop City - Hip Strut

Botti Chris - Regrooveable

Botti Chris - The Way Home

Botti Chris - The Way Home

Bowie Lester - Don't Cry For Me Argentina

Braden Don and James Moody - It Might As Well Be Spring

Braff Ruby - It;s Wonderful

Braff Ruby - I Want A Little Girl

Brand Dollar - African Marketplace

Brand Dollar - Whozamtwana

Brasserie Trio - Dousica

Brasserie Trio - Gigi

Braun Rick - Children Of The Night

Brazilia - A Sham Ada Dorio

Breaux Zachary - Coming Home Baby

Brem Simon - Complexus

Bridgewater Cecil - As I Live And Breathe

Bridgewater Dee Dee - Autumn Leaves

Brignola Nick - Rollerblades

Brisker Gordon - The Ability To Love

Broadbent and Cline - Peacemaker

Bromberg Brian - Hero

Bronner Til - We Fly Around The World

Broo Magnus - Gate Us Fete

Broo Magnus - Gate Us Fete

Brown Charles - Blazer's Boogie

Brown Clifford - Bellarosa

Brown Clifford - Dauood

Brown Clifford - Hymn Of The Orient

Brown Clifford - Lover Man

Brown Clifford - Sandu

Brown Debra - When I Fall In Love

Browne Tom - Milestones

Brown Jerri - Gentle Peace

Brown Jerri - The Creator Has A Master Plan

Brown Jerri - Come Come and Play With Me

Brown Ray - The Candy Man

Brown Ray - Love Walked In

Brown Ray - Love Walked In

Brown Ray - The Perfect Blues

Brown Vernell Jr. - August

Brubeck Dave - Benjamin

Brubeck Dave - Jupiter

Brubeck Dave - Strange Meadowlark

Buchanan Brian - My Foolish Heart

Buck Abby - I'm Old Fashioned

Bulkin Anatholi - Presence

Bunnett Jane - Big Alice

Bunnett Jane - Big Alice

Bunnett Jane - Dialogos

Bunnett Jane - San Lazaro

Bunnett Jane - San Lazaro

Bunnett Jane - Time Again

Burgess John - The Last Drop

Burrell Kenny - Listen To The Dawn

Burrell Kenny - Satin Doll

Burr John - Silverwater

Burton Gary - The Moon Turns Green

Burton Gary - Japanese Waltz

Burton Gary - Like Minds

Burton Gary - Tossed Salad and Scrambled Eggs

Butler Henry - Down By The Riverside

Butler Henry - New Orleans Inspiration

Butler Jonathan - Dancing On The Shore

Byard Jaki - Hello Young Lovers

Byas Don - I Cover The Waterfront

Byas Don - I Cover The Waterfront

Byas Don - Smoke Gets In Your Eyes

Byas Don - Walkin'

Byrd Charlie - Girl From Ipanema

Byrd Charlie - Girl From Ipanema

Byrd Charlie - Jordu

Byrd Donald - Flute Blues

Byrd Donald - Groovin' For Nat

Byrd Donald - Parisian Thoroughfare

Byrd Donald - Yusef